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‘Creepy Uncle Joe’ videos could be big problem says Conway

Kellyanne Conway spoke to Fox about Joe Biden’s sexual misconduct allegations saying videos of him on social media could cause him to loose or not even run the 2020 campaign for presidential election.

LUCY FLORES: Flores is a former Nevada state legislator and ran for lieutenant governor in 2014 during the 2014 presidential campaign. On Friday, she accused Joe Biden of sexual misconduct saying he would put his hands on her shoulders, smell her hair, and kissed the back of her head but Biden’s staff said they do not recall the incident.

Flores stated, “You don’t expect that kind of intimacy from someone so powerful and someone who you just have no relationship whatsoever to touch you and to feel you and to be so close to you in that way.”

Flores also recalls other incidents where Biden was using sexual misconduct on married women, “Biden nuzzling the neck of the Defense secretary’s wife, kissing a senator’s wife on the lips, Biden whispering in women’s ears, Biden snuggling female constituents.”

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Conway went on Fox news and stated if anyone types in “Creepy Uncle Joe” videos they will find a treasure trove of Bide rejecting the ‘Me too Movement’ he is so supportive of.

Conway stated, “I think Joe has a big problem here because he calls it an affection handshake, his party calls it completely inappropriate.”



CONCLUSION: Joe Biden has been accused of sexual misconduct in 2014 and KellyAnne Conway told the public to research ‘Creepy Uncle Joe’ videos to prove Biden is a very hands on man and that the fire he is under could potentially hurt his campaign for 2020.

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