CORONAVIRUS: Mass Arrests Begin in China as Virus Spreads

Chinese officials start rounding up people who they believe have Infected with Coronavirus, New videos show officials in hazmat suits dragging people from their homes.

  • New clips have surfaced showing people in hazmats suits dragging people who are suspected of having the Coronavirus to be quarantined.

  • As of Saturday there has been 722 confirmed coronavirus deaths in mainland China, bringing worldwide total to 724
  • New Revelations state that five more Brits have the virus in France after it was discovered that one of them had just arrived from singapore
  • On Friday afternoon officials from President Trump’s Coronavirus Taskforce deliverd an URGENT press conference


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  1. See why Communism is a failure? Sorr Bernie not feeling the burn! Includes the whole Democrat party. Trump is the best President in my lifetime will win in 2020 bigly!

  2. Sorry, I didn’t really proof read what I wrote, I meant Steve Lookner doesn’t approve of these sources because they AREN’T established sources and because the reports or videos are AGAINST THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT AND HE WOULD NOT ALLOW THAT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AND WON’T REPORT THAT.

    I mean, if you look at these videos and the pain, the fear, the how harrowing the situation is, who the hell would fake such a things? IT IS TO SHOW WHAT THE CHINESE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT IS AND WHAT THEY WILL AND ARE DOING!!!

  3. What a great way for them to scoop up anyone they want out of the picture, and claim they died from the virus ( which of course they will after being placed in with others. ) NIce humanitarian actions to protect their own people, whom they have obviously infected themselves! and WHY? do we trade with them at all? THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!

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