Conway says She Knows Barr Has Nothing To Hide Before Congress

On Tuesday, Kellyanne Conway mentioned AG Barr will decide if he is going to testify or not this week before the House Judiciary Committee.

KELLYANNE CONWAY:  “We’ll leave that to him. He’s certainly testifying in the Senate, so it’s not like he’s afraid to answer questions under oath,” she stated.

AG BARR: The Attorney General is to testify on Thursday, but he did warn Democrats he would not go if they do not change the proposed format of the hearing.

JERRY NADLER: The House Judiciary Committee Chairman, proposed to add 30 minutes of questioning from each party where everyone gets to question Barr in that party.

Each representative already gets 5 minutes each of their own to ask Barr questions.

AG BARR: The AG denied for 30 minutes of questioning.

JERRY NADLER: Nadler also proposed a closed session for the committee and Barr to discuss redacted sections of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report.

AG Barr has not responded into doing that though.

Nadler stated Barr cannot do anything about how the committee conducts the hearing.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: She stated, “Are we actually dangling arrests of innocent citizens for not complying with subpoenas? I think Congress needs to calm down a little bit on this.”



CONCLUSION: The Democrats are off the hinges with filing lawsuits, issuing subpoenas, calling for officials to testify, and try to get classified information all because of President Trump’s success. AG Barr has not officially stated he will attend Thursday testimony unless the House Judiciary Committee changes the approach.

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  1. Why would anyone from your organization call FOX News “fake news”? Based on what?
    Where is your proof?
    So, ANYONE reporting news contrary to what YOU report, is a problem?
    News Reporting, is vastly different to “Opinion Reporting”. Don’t let YOUR personal distaste for President Trump skew YOUR reporting the news, by reporting YOUR opinion of what the news actually is! That’s NOT journalism! That’s attempted “brainwashing”, which should be punishable by law.
    My opinion is that there are to many “journalists” with hurt feelings and they are trying to take that out on the public.
    Report the “NEWS”! You know the addage about “opinions”….

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