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CONFIRMED: Gavin Newsom Double COVID, Flu Shot Jab got Him Sick!…

Gavin Newsom had not been seen for over two weeks. As rumors swirled about his disappearance, we now knew that he was very sick from getting the COVID Booster shot and the Flu shot within days of each other.

• The double jab got him sick enough to cancel his planned trip to Scotland and mysteriously disappear for two weeks.

• According to an anonymous source, the liberal Governor was left with fatigue and muscle weakness, and pain

• He received the COVID booster and Flu shot within days of one another.

• The Governor lied that he couldn’t make it to the climate summit in Scotland last week because of family obligations.

• According to Gavin Newsom’s spokesperson, the Governor got the shots days apart, and he didn’t get an adverse reaction from either shot.

Her statement: The flu shot and booster shot were administered separately and the Governor did not have an adverse reaction to either shot,’

• The First Lady of California also took to social media to defend her husband and criticized ‘haters without a life’ about her husband’s 12-day disappearance.


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