CNN Accused of Intimidating Manafort Trial Jury

CNN is being accused of attempting to intimidate the Paul Manafort jury after the Leftist Fake News Channel requested the jurors’ names and home addresses.

Manafort has been charged by special counsel Robert Mueller with various financial crimes, none of which have anything to do with Trump or the campaign.

Manafort’s fate now sits with the jury, after two days of deliberations, anti-Trump media outlets like CNN are becoming concerned Manafort could be acquitted, which would be a major blow to Mueller’s credibility and his ability to remove Trump from office an outcome the liberal media are desperate to orchestrate.

On Thursday, CNN, along with six other far-left media outlets (the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Politico, the New York Times, NBC, and the AP) sued for the release of the names and home addresses of all of the Manafort jurors, a move that is both disturbing and almost unprecedented.

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  1. Yes CNN part of the mockingbird media along with many others. Cia controlled and paid off by the democrats and liberals to keep Americans unaware of the truth. I hope the jurors are protected from harm. They have to many suspicious deaths around anyone that could possibly disrupt their corruption.

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