Clinton Strikes at MAGA Slogan and Trump Supporters

On Tuesday, Hilary Clinton tweeted saying Trump supporters are white nationalists and the MAGA slogan is too.

HILARY CLINTON: She tweeted this on Tuesday to slam Trump and his supporters.

The article she posted was about how far right extremists have adopted the MAGA slogan but that’s just an opinion.

Clinton’s Tweet comes on a large number of Democrats and members of the media once pushing a lie that President Trump called immigrants “animals.”

YOUTUBE: Youtube actually had a fall out during the House Judiciary Committee while they had a hearing on hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism.

CONCLUSION: Therefore, the coincidence of Clinton posting this tweet and then youtube shuts down the comment section for “hateful comments on white supremacy” is not much of a coincidence. Also, just because a certain group adopts a clothing article with a slogan does not mean all of Trump’s supporters are white nationalists.

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  1. So she’s taking an opinion piece as fact to base her argument that MAGA is a white Nationalist Slogan ? I suppose the slogan “I’m with her” is a call to arms by militant feminists. Ohh wait !! That acually makes sense !

  2. Keep demonizing everyone who thinks clearly…we don’t care what you call us; we’re not far-right, we’re just RIGHT!

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