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Clinton Body Count Adds Another Casualty this one was Linked to Epstein!..

The Clinton Body Count has grown by one more, this time it was Bill Clinton’s Advisor from his time at the White House Mark Middleton.  Middleton also admitted Epstein into the White House over 7 of the 17 times Jeffery Epstein was at the White House!

The Man that was killed

For more information on the clinton Body Count and the mysterious death of Mark Middleton (Advisor to bill Clinton) CLICK HERE

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  1. Well what do you know Bonnie and Clyde Clinton have added another notch to their belt. I still remember when the former head of the United Nations John Ashe was murdered the night before he was to appear in court to testify about how truly corrupt the Clinton Global initiative was or still is. Who remembers Haiti and all the money that came in through the Clintons hands never to be seen again? Who remembers Laura Silsby an employee of the Clinton’s who was caught at the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic with 30 children who were being taken away to be trafficked by the Clinton’s. Let us look back to Bill and Hillary’s early days as Governors of Arkansas where they worked with the C.I.A. to be the largest cocaine dealers in America. George H.W. Bush his father ran the whole operation. Two young boys watched as a plane dropped a shipment on the airport land in Mena, and helped themselves. The boys dead bodies were placed on train tracks to hide the evidence of their murder. When proper patriotic law enforcement the Sheriff’s across the nation look into the Clintons they will find they have ordered the death of close to 200 over the years. When Bill and Hillary occupied the White House Hillary travelled every month to take part in Satanic rituals at Bohemian Grove to recharge her batteries. This couple are pure evil.

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