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Chinese Hackers Attack Fox News’ Parent Company Newscorp…

Fox News’ parent company Newscorp said Chinese hackers had attacked it.

• Cybersecurity firm Mandient was hired to investigate.

• The cyber investigators concluded that the attack allegedly came from China.

• Newscorp’s Chief Technology Officer David Kline and Chief Information Security officer Billy O’Brian said the attack was discovered on January 20th on a system used by several business units within the company.

• They said the hack affected a limited number of business email accounts and documents from NewsCorp HQ, Dow Jones, News UK, and the New York Post.

• The threat is now contained according to Newscorp officials; they reiterated that the systems holding customer and financial data were not affected and that Newscorp did not experience any business-related interruptions.

• Newscorp said they are working with authorities to get to the bottom of what happened.

• Newcorp did say that some information was taken in the hack but didn’t specify.

• Newscorp said in a statement that its highest concern is the safety of its journalists.

• Kline and O’Brien wrote to employees: “We will not tolerate attacks on our journalism, nor will we be deterred from our reporting, which provides readers everywhere with the news that matters. We believe it is important that other media organizations be made aware of this threat to take appropriate precautions, and we are providing technical details of the attack to the Media Information Sharing and Analysis Organization,”

• According to the cyber security team investigating the incident, journalists were not the hackers’ targets.


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  1. Is this for real, or the seeds of a phony “narrative” to be used later ? Just asking….

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