China is Lying about coronavirus Impact Spies Tell Trump

Spies tell White House in a classified briefing: China is COVERING UP full extent of coronavirus impact including the number of deaths stating that the numbers are all ‘FAKE’

  • An intelligence report sent to the White House last week concluded coronavirus numbers coming out of China are fake, according to a Wednesday report

  • Three U.S. officials claim the intelligence findings conclude China’s reporting on coronavirus statistics are intentionally incomplete
  • The report comes as skepticism already swirled that China was under-cutting death tolls and confirmed cases in not reporting asymptomatic cases  
  • ‘The reality is that we could have been better off if China had been more forthcoming,’ Mike Pence asserted in a CNN interview Wednesday

  • If China’s reporting were true, the nation would have less cases and deaths than the U.S., Italy and Spain 
  • Coronavirus updates as of 4/1/20 at 8PM PST

total around the world 

Totals for today 4/1/20

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  1. God ALMIGHTY help us all !!! Trump you need to quarantine the whole country before it’s too late dammit man get it done we can always make money what you cannot bring back the death of the nation !!! Remember this is happening on your watch regardless of who is right or wrong . Do what is right.

  2. Don’t trust China any more. Bring back our business is from China. In my view this was done on purpose. China did not like the trade deals. China’s leaders will do anything to stay in power. China has only two places that this virus could have come from. China and their leaders are back stabbers only created for one purpose. They will oh the world big time

  3. China needs to be held responsible for this outbreak and just recently it’s reported the CDC has stated China is sending out virus contaminated face masks and test kits.

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