CHAOS at Airports as Americans Dash to Return Home

Chaos at Airports as Americans Dash home amid the Coronavirus Outbreak.  Huge immigration lines of up to six hours form filled with returning citizens being put through ‘enhanced screening’ as they Flee Europe.

  • Arriving passengers from Europe have faced lines lasting up to six hours as travelers are forced to enter through 13 designated ‘funnel’ airports  

  • Lines are taking far longer than usual due to ‘enhanced COVID19 screening’ where passengers are being asked a series of questions before being told to self-quarantine and follow CDC guidelines

  • Some Passengers are stating that they are not being tested for coronavirus or having their temperatures taken

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  1. Don’t let any of these people back to America. Trash like Johnny Depp might try to come back. They chose their country to live in. Now, stay there. Where you belong.

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