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Cash Scattered on 5 Freeway After Armored Truck Involved in Crash!…

San Diego, California Commuters got the surprise of their lives as hundreds of thousands of dollars were scattered on the 15 Freeway shutting it down as people scattered to collect as much cash as they could.

• Reports state that an Armored car was involved in a minor crash leading to money being sent into the air and littering the freeway.

• Commuters are seen scavenging the highway to try to collect as much cash as possible and pose for social media

• The incident happened on I5 in Carlsbad, California, in San Diego County at around 9:15 am Pacific

• CHP told reporters that the incident occurred when a door popped open on the armored truck and a number of bags of cash fell out of the truck and burst open.

• Authorities are urging anyone who picked up cash on the freeway to turn it into authorities at the CHP office in Vista.

• CHP says they are now working with the FBI to catch those that collected the money, they are also encouraging those that collected money to turn in because they have a lot of Social media footage to catch those that collected the money.

• The Interstate was closed for 2 hours as cops investigated the incident

• Two people were arrested because they locked themselves out as they exited their vehicles and couldn’t leave the scene fast enough before CHP arrived.



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