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Calls Mount to Defund NPR After Network Tries to Start Drama at the Supreme Court!…

NPR, known for being radically left-wing, not to mention funded in part by the American taxpayer, published a false report last week stating that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts enacted a mask mandate for all justices leading to a dispute between Justices’ Sotomayor and Neil Gorsuch.

• Justice Neil Gorsuch chose not to wear a mask at oral arguments for Biden’s mandate case where the Supremes struck down his unlawful Vaccine mandate for businesses.

• According to NPR, Sotomayor, who has diabetes and could get seriously ill from COVID, got into an argument with Gorsuch for not wearing a mask and decided to do the oral arguments from her office via teleconference.

• Also, according to NPR, Chief Justice Roberts requested that all junior justices wear a mask to all oral arguments and conferences.

• Justice Roberts denies those allegations, and Justice Sotomayor also denies that Gorsuch is not the reason she is doing her job remotely.

• Sources at the Supreme Court states that there is no evidence of any new rules that justices must wear masks to arguments.

• All the Justices, including Gorsuch, are vaccinated, Boosted, and tested for COVID before they meet and begin arguments and conference.

• Now people are calling for NPR to be defended.

• During Trump’s tenure at the White House, he sought for NPR to be defunded something he almost accomplished if it wasn’t for multiple lawsuits.

• Who Funds NPR and PBS?


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