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California Parents hold a ZOOM Black Out to Force Schools to Reopen!…


Frustrated parents of the Los Angeles Unified School District organized a Zoom blackout on Monday aimed at pressuring schools to reopen as the district and teachers union battle out demands amid the coronavirus pandemic.

• Cynthia Rojas, who helped organize the blackout said “We don’t have a seat at the table when it comes to the negotiations between LAUSD and [United Teachers Los Angeles], and so we’ve been trying the standard calling and voicemails and emails, but it’s not working,” Rojas said. “And so I’m part of a group of just parents who are just really frustrated.”

This is the flyer that parents in Los Angeles were circulating online


Los Angeles parents organize ‘Zoom blackout’ to protest school closures: ‘Enough is enough’

LA parents hold Zoom blackout to pressure schools to reopen



John Cox the governor hopeful that plans to run against Gavin Newsome spoke at an event on the Monday Zoom blackout that Parents were organizing to pressure schools to reopen 

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  1. If you want to make a real statement then DON”T WEAR MASKS. The mask are an excuse used by the Union. If you wear the mask then you are proving that you all are sheeple and that there must be sickness even when there is no sickness.

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