California defies Trump’s order to deploy national Guard to the Border

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum that would deploy the National Guard to…

The border with Mexico in an effort to curtail illegal crossing and as a matter of National Security.

Now California Democrats want to defy the Trump administration in an effort to help and aid Illegal Aliens, they are making the excuse that they need more information before approving the President request.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said she has already had multiple calls with Brown and other Border states Governors since Trump signed a proclamation on Wednesday authorizing the National Guard to be deployed to the border.

According to the law the Governor of the state has the control of that states National Guard, California National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Tom Keegan has said the state is waiting on further details about “funding, duration, and end state” before making a decision. “End state” is used to describe conditions that would indicate the successful completion of an operation at the border.

President Donald Trump and California Democrats have been going back and forth with over a dozen lawsuits still in deliberation since Trump took office and this could be another legal battle for the Administration.

President Trump just today SLAMMED the Oakland Governor and California for their Pro-Illegal immigration Agenda


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