California Candidate for Governor says Im with Trump

As the California Primary comes to a close the two candidates to face off in November for Governor of California have been chosen…

On the Republican side, we have John Cox a former businessman and Presidential candidate running for governor in a state where he has only live a short while, but Cox believes he has what it takes to make CA great again.

On the Democrat side, we have a Socialist, an Open Borders Advocate and extreme leftist Gavin Newsom who says that Cox is a Foot soldier in President Trump’s War on California.

To that Cox responded in a statement- “Donald Trump didn’t create our housing crisis. Donald Trump didn’t make our schools 45th in the nation. Donald Trump didn’t destroy the California water project by tearing down reservoirs. Donald Trump didn’t make us the poverty capital and the homeless capital of the country,”  Cox finished off by saying “He ought to look in the mirror because the people in this state know who is responsible for the quality of life here.”

Cox and Newsome face off on November 6, 2018

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