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BREAKING: Trump and His Kids Subpoenaed by The NY Attorney General!…

New York AG seeks to question Ivanka and Trump Jr. as they subpoenaed Trump and his two children.

• NY state Secretary of State has subpenaed and wants a disposition from Former President Trump, Ivanka, and Jr.

• The Trump Organization sought to block the NY AG’s office from subpenaing Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka.

• The Subpoena was served on Jan. 1st, 2022

• The NY Attorney General Letitia James disclosed last month that her office sought a disposition from the former President, but it was not known at the time if it would happen.

• Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka are deeply involved in their father’s company.

• The NY AG’s office is making a civil inquiry is focused on whether Mr. Trump fraudulently inflated the value of his assets to secure bank loans and understated them elsewhere to reduce his tax bill.

• If the AG finds any evidence of wrongdoing, she can file a lawsuit. As her investigation is civil, she cannot file criminal charges.

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