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BREAKING: The Jan. 6th Committee Subpoenas ALL Social Media Companies!…

The January 6th Committee Subpoenas Google, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit Over January 6th Riot at the capitol!

• The House select committee investigating the Capitol riot has subpoenaed social media companies Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Google’s parent company Alphabet

• The committee had demanded a trove of records last summer from those and other social companies but said it received “inadequate responses” from four of the largest platforms.

• The committee wants a slew of records relating to domestic terrorism, misinformation spread, and efforts to influence or overturn the 2020 election.

• Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said in a statement: “Two key questions for the Select Committee are how the spread of misinformation and violent extremism contributed to the violent attack on our democracy, and what steps — if any — social media companies took to prevent their platforms from being breeding grounds for radicalizing people to violence,”

• She also said, “It’s disappointing that after months of engagement, we still do not have the documents and information necessary to answer those basic questions,” Thompson said. “The Select Committee is working on getting answers for the American people and helping ensure nothing like January 6th ever happens again. We cannot allow our important work to be delayed any further.”

• Reddit said in a statement that they plan to work with the committee in any way that they can

• Twitter hasn’t released a statement

• In the letter to the social media giants, the committee chair said that the committee believes the social media giants have held back information that is central to the investigation

• The committees’ primary focus is on YouTube and Facebook

• The committee wants to know what type of moderation was used that led to Trump’s YouTube channel being suspended and what prompted Facebook to disband a team focused on election risks ahead of the invasion of the capital.


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