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BREAKING: Supreme Court Doesn’t Block Texas Abortion Law, Sets a Hearing instead!

The US Supreme court has agreed not to block Texas’ new abortion law but instead will set up a hearing for early November and make a determination.

• The Justices said that they will decide if Biden has the right to sue a state over a new law they have enacted.  When they determine that they will make a determination if the law will be blocked.

• The initial hearing will begin November 1st but the supreme court reiterated that their decision will come quickly as they want to continue their fast-paced session ending in November.

• Texas had previously stated that the Biden Administration lacked the authority to file a lawsuit against the state challenging the ban.

• The Supremes action leaves in place the law that has led to an 80% reduction in abortions in the lone star state, the law went into effect in September but shortly after an activist judge blocked it but for only 48 hours.

• Texas and Mississippi are the first two states to enact such a law banning abortions when a heartbeat is detected but Florida and others have stated that they plan a similar law or agree with its standing.


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