BREAKING: President Trump to Declare State of Emergency at Live Press Conference

President Donald Trump will hold an URGENT Press Conference from the white House where he is set to declare a National State of Emergency.  Golden State Times will Stream it Live

  • President Trump will hold a press conference on Friday afternoon amid the chaos on coronavirus 
  • Brazilian President Bolsonaro tested positive Friday for coronavirus, according to local reports, but upon testing a second time the result was negative 
  • Press conference is at 3 p.m. at White House 

  • Trump to declare national emergency at the Speech
  • G7 leaders to hold video conference on Monday to talk coronavirus 
  • Trump has down played concerns over the Last couple of days
  • White House said first family would not go into quarantine 
  • Official and family members of world leaders are testing Positive for Coronavirus in the last couple of days
  • Miami Mayor who hugged Bolsonaro and gave him keys to the city says he Tested Positive for the Virus

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  1. I guess everyone is going to use the virus to get away with killing kidnapping and raping innocent human beings. So while the punk c is locked down like sitting ducks and the businesses in our nation go bankrupt corrupt agencies of the government get allotted billions while hardworking Americans starve. I guess this national emergency doesn’t cover the crooks in offices throughout this land. How disgusting. I was beginning to be proud to call myself an American. But, now…? I feel like giving up on America and our ripped off over taxing systems. I’m sure crooked agencies get billions small businesses get bankruptcy. This is pathetic.🤬

  2. People for the Love of God repent calling on Jesus Christ and till he comes back buy some Silver for it will soar up higher just as the Fed Advisor said last month . Our dollar is not going to be used around the world much longer for all countries EXCEPT Americans are buying real wealth meaning Gold and Silver and may God ALMIGHTY help us all . PEACE ✌

    1. I hope you will allow this comment whether or not you are a believer and if not why would you not except it ? As far as silver why should not any get it here in the USA unless your a communist or trator , just food for thought for you to think about and if not pay no attention to my reply and allow it to go through but nevertheless if you do stop my comment I’ll know for sure and those with me that goggle is an foreign entity in Our Land . CHEERS

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