BREAKING: President Trump summons US Generals to White House WAR ROOM over North Korea

Tensions with North Korea have been Worsening and what President Donald Trump just did has people on Edge…..

NORTH KOREA: Tensions between the U.S and North Korea have been worsening as Kim Jong Un refuses to give up his quest for nuclear capable ICBM’s.  On Monday General James Mattis Warned the US Army to “Stand Ready” for WAR with North Korea.

KIM JONG UN: The US has repeatedly said that diplomacy and a peaceful solution is the leading option to end the confrontation with Kim before this WAR Room meeting.

US State Department Heather Nauert confirmed the Situation Room meeting in a Press Briefing today.

Experts speculated the meeting could have been to discuss responses to any looming North Korean missile test-with fears of a launch on October 18th.

President Donald Trump has been very critical of diplomacy talks with North Korea he also criticized his predecessors Policy efforts in the past 25 years regarding the regime.

THE SITUATION ROOM: Officially named the John F Kennedy conference room- is used to deal with disasters and conflicts at home and abroad.  It is equipped to secure communication equipment and allows the US President to command the nations Military across the globe.

There is a second situation Room in his Mar-A-Lago Resort where President Donald Trump Spends his time away from the White House.  This is the location where he gave the orders to launch a Cruise Missile Strike in Syria back in April.

The last Situation Room meeting was on September after Kim Jong Un’s H-Bomb test and recent briefings on Puerto Rico/ US Virgin Islands.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Has squared up to Kim, warning he can “Totally Destroy” the rogue state unless they back down from threatening US and its allies.  Tensions now have reached new heights as Kim is again threatening to launch more missile tests and the possibility of another H-bomb Test.

The Trump Administration considers a Nuclear-Armed North Korea a threat to national and global security due to the regimes unpredictable nature.

Pyongyang thinks nukes will protect them from regime change-living in fear that their leader Kim Jong Un can be deposed of like the Iraqi leader Sadam Hussain and Libyan Tyrant Muammar Gaddafi.






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