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BREAKING: President Trump Congratulates Kyle Rittenhouse on His Acquittal!…

President Donald Trump congratulated Kyle Rittenhouse on his acquittal on Friday Afternoon.

• Kyle was acquitted on all five counts.

• Golden State Times caught the exact moment the Jury announced he was not guilty!

• President Trump said this in a Statement –

Click Below for More information on the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial 

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  1. Rittenhouse never should have been arrested. This was self defense,a white man shot a white pedophile that raped 5 little boys,he shot another white creep that beat-up his own grandmother,
    and he shot another white creep that tried to kill him. Somehow,black misfits find a way to make it all about themselves? Really? So sad they have no idea they are being used as pawns and shills by the loony left.

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