BREAKING: Jeff Van Drew Says other Democrats might also Switch Over Soon

Former Democrat congressman Jeff Van Drew say that other centrist Democrats in the house might make the switch if Senator Bernie sanders becomes the Democrat Nominee for the 2020 Election.

Van Drew said other Democrats were considering joining the Republican Party because they fear the “down-ballot effect” of Sanders being nominated as the Democrat candidate for president.

“When it does go well, I do believe there will be other people that will think the same way. There are some good moderate Democrats on the other side, and I really believe they belong on the Republican side,” he said. “It’s becoming more of a socialist party, and that is not what I signed up for.”

Van Drew said the party failed at finding a more appealing candidate by failing to stop Sanders and the threat that his ideology posed.

He went on to say “I think they saw some polling that scared the daylights out of them, and now the Democrats are stuck with a candidate that almost nobody wants,”

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  1. My entire family was a Democrat family praised by Democrat however Things have changed and now Sends Donald Trump For the white hats we will all be saved and now we are all Republican.

  2. In maryland a staggering number of Democrats are going to vote republican because they know the Democratic Party is run by criminals and con artists lying scumbags!!! Save the pain and VOTE TRUMP 2020”

  3. I was a Liberal Democrat candidate for federal office years ago but when I got inside the party and could see how rotten the core was I stopped my campaign and accepted the financial loss. No way could I lead any innocent person into the clutches of such an evil cult. I had been flattered when they came to me and asked me to run using the lie that my opponent was corrupt while in reality corruption exists at the very heart of the party. How many are aware that child trafficking was a very lucrative enterprise in Democrat circles led by the Clinton’s and their 23 global foundations. There is oh so much more that will be revealed as the swamp is cleared. How many who vote Democrat realize that behind closed doors they ridicule and laugh about the worthless eaters foolish enough to support them when they promise nothing but pain and suffering. Want proof! Take a look at the inner city plantation in any Democrat controlled city. This is all they promise to those they marginalize through separation into groups and their practice of the herd mentality. I have seen it from the inside, I know the reason why they practice such measures. It is to administer pain and suffering to all who put their trust in an anti human system. Do not allow a Democrat who has been a player in the politics of death to join the party of freedom for all because unless they have the demonic forces that control them cast out they will contaminate the Republican party with the hatred they have practiced throughout their careers. Every hive minded Democrat politician is fully aware of how they abuse their constituents mentally Physically and Spiritually. They each must have their come to Jesus experience before allowing them to shed their reptilian skin or you simply allow wolves in sheep’s clothing to penetrate the gate and attack the righteous and Godly lambs within. Please never vote for a Democrat who transitions to becoming a Republican for fear of losing their seat. The Democrat party will suffer a slow death as the truth of their satanic cultist practices come out and those who are clamouring to leave the sinking ship are doing so to preserve their power and authority. Heaven forbid that each of them would have to return to the private sector and be forced to live by the sweat of their brow. Read Mather 25:31-46 Love them but do not trust them until they themselves have proven that they are no longer the children of Satan seeking to rule over humanity with an iron fist. God Bless America.

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