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BREAKING: Former AG Bill Barr has Spoken to the January 6th Committee Investigating Trump!…

On Sunday, the chairman of the January 6th committee revealed that Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr has spoken to investigators.

• Congressman Bennie Thompson, Democrat from Mississippi and chairman of the committee, said in an interview with “Face the Nation.”

• The committee became interested in the former Attorney General after a draft of an Executive Order was published by Politico.

• The document is believed to have been drafted on December 16, 2020, but it is unknown who wrote it. The order would have authorized the secretary of defense to “seize, collect, retain and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records required for retention” under a federal law governing the retention and preservation of election records.

• The committee also wants to know if any Pentagon officials were involved in the draft of the E.O and if anyone will even entertain the possibility of seizing voting machines.

• The Radicals Democrats also claim that individuals filed false documents claiming they were responsible for conducting and certifying elections.

• The January 6th committee chairman said in a statement, “When you falsify documents, in most instances, that’s a criminal act,” he said, noting that the Justice Department would make any decision on possible prosecutions.

• Public hearings are expected to begin in the spring

• The committee said we will present the facts to the public. We plan to have a series of public hearings showing Trump’s intent to use federal assets, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, and other agencies to stop the duly election of a president.

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  1. Let’s spell I need to updated when is last Doris subpoena less I didn’t see Pelosi on there or the Sergeant at Arms

  2. This is a kangaroo committee and everyone knows it. These same people screemed impeach Trump. Now they’re doing it again. Why aren’t they investing why Pelosi turned down the 20000 or so military persons President Trump wanted to send? Why don’t you people leave Trump alone and look at what really happened. You people couldn’t control President Trump like you can this senile old man you lied and cheated and stole the election for. China Biden. And now you want to replace him with the Bengashi Murderer Hillary Clinton. What a joke. You people are sending our country to hell in a hand basket . And you say you’re protecting our constitution. Yeah, right. You bunch of commies.

  3. What do they have to hide ? Voting machines from all 50 states should be subject to independent forensic audit routinely = FIX 2020 FIRST

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