Border Patrol Responds to Viral Video of Illegals Scaling The New Wall

Golden State Times Reported on December 4th that 2 Mexican Nationals are seen on Video scaling the Newly constructed border Wall.  Since then the Video shown below has gone Viral.

Now Border Patrol has responded to this video saying the following:

The National Border Patrol Council’s Vice President had this to say on Fox News:

This is a very very dangerous situation because if Illegal aliens think they can easily scale or cut through the Border Wall they will exploit this and more Illegals will be able to eventually cross into the united states wasting the Millions already invested into the Newly constructed Border Wall.

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  1. The wall is doing its job…! Before thousands were coming across now it’s just one!
    That’s what we needed!

  2. The left going to keep puting this kind of stuftft out even thogh it will cause more to try an die we most votethe do nothing are even come up with a plan dems theg are the cause of this they have not tried to fix anythig the do nothing dems so its up to us to vote them out so we can get the baorder fixed for good our guys on the boarder are doing the best they can even thow the dems are fighting to destoy our country vote to end the mess by voteing out the do nothing dems they dont care about us anymore time has come to show them how we feel about there do nothing they are hurting us

  3. W😎 W Diamond Dave called it again, Art of War by SunTzu ( My Bible) a fixed defensive position is futile, can be gone over, around or under, Use of Deadly or threats of deadly force is the logical solution to this Quagmire the AMERICAN nation is experiencing,As Always Patriotically inspired ♦️♦️♦️

  4. There are some Mexicans who hate The United States Of America because the war that was fought for the land Mexicans claim is their land near the Mexican border, when millions of Mexicans learn that in their books and schools’ some want vengeance. That is a problem not being mentioned in the news and has to be solved.
    The other problem is poverty caused by a lack of investment in Mexico and in the past the democrats did not make an effort to invest in Mexico, plus the previous leaders hated the USA, the cause, the war with Mexico.
    Now Mexicans are being used by the communist left to get more votes.
    If President Trump works with the Mexican government and gets people in to work they will not need to come to the USA.

  5. The wall is working. There’s visibility and it takes longer to scale the wall allowing border patrol time to respond. As well as cameras. Compared to no wall or a makeshift wall that gives little or no time to respond.

  6. There’s an easy fix to this border jumper, it called a salt rock up the ass! One hit and problem gone!! Save the pain and VOTE TRUMP IN 2020” and we all WI,!!!!!””””

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