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Border Crossings Skyrocket to New Monthly High as Crisis Worsens!…

A new trend is hitting the border as migrants crossing from the Northern tringle drop, and crossing from Mexico rise sharply.

Border Patrol officials state that they have encountered the highest number of people seeking to cross the border illegally this year in May. The figure is set to be revealed at almost 200K, with a staggering 121,082 single adults apprehended.

In April 178,854, Illegals attempted to cross the border, but it may it went up to 180,034, a new monthly record. The figures also revealed that migrants coming from the Northern Triangle countries have dropped, but those coming from Mexico have risen. Encounters from countries around the globe have also gone up 20% in April and May but 642% since Biden took office.
CBP has reported 68,797 encounters from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, a slight dip from March, where 85,637 were encountered. From Mexico, CBP reported 70,630, a significant rise compared to previous months.

Democrats and radical border advocates have stated that title 42 – which allows CBP to quickly expel illegals caught at the border under sanitary protections due to COVID 19 – is to blame for the recent uptick in migration of Mexican nationals. The rule mainly targets Mexican nationals. Many believe that is what is driving an uptick in recidivism. In May, 40,607 illegals from countries other than Mexico and the northern triangle were apprehended, but only 8,881 were processed under title 42.

The number of minors at the border dropped from 18,951 in March – a record- to 14,158 in May. Children are exempt from title 42.

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