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Biden’s TOP SPY Met Secretly with Taliban Leader Abdul Ghani Baradar!

Biden’s CIA Director William Burns met secretly with Taliban leader as Afghanistan falls to the Terrorists.

Reporters have learned that Biden’s CIA Director William Burns met with the Taliban’s Defacto leader Abdul Ghani Baradar on Monday in a secrete meeting as the terrorists take over the nation of Afghanistan.

As the US races to evacuate Americans from Kabul before the forced August 31st deadline, Biden’s Top Spy met with the Terrorist leader, but the contents of that meeting remain unknown.

Monday’s meeting is the first time both Americans and Taliban Terrorists meet at such a high level. In a statement, the Taliban did not confirm or deny the meeting, according to their spokesman.

Biden’s said over the weekend that some troops could remain in the region even beyond the August 31st deadline but reiterated that that date is the goal he wants to accomplish.

Taliban Terrorists had said there would be consequences if US troops remained in the area beyond the due date. Still, some American allies plan to push Biden to extend the evacuation operation to evacuate NATO troops.

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  1. This administration is going to get a lot of good military men and women KILLED.
    Maybe Hunter should paint a picture of his dad with blood dripping off his fingers while Harris cackles like the idiot she is.
    God protect our soldiers.

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