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Biden’s Job Numbers for December are out and as Expected He is a FAILURE!

December job numbers are out, and Biden again shows how much of a failure he is…

• Non-farm payroll rose 199K in December when analysts had predicted it would be well over 400K

• The unemployment rate now stands at 4%, but over 1 million Americans left the workforce in November.

• Because of the desperation to find workers during 2021, wages have increased more than 4.7% year over year.

• Hospitality (restaurant and hotels) saw the most significant gain with 53K jobs last month

• Professional and business services added 43K jobs in December

• Manufacturing added 26K jobs in December

• Many economists state that 2022 is beginning off to a rocky start.

• According to economists, unemployment for African Americans spiked from 6.5% to 7.5%.

• In conclusion: How much can the liberals continue to blame the pandemic because they see the actual truth that Biden is a Failure

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