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Biden to Send Another $1 Billion to Ukraine Amid Accusation of EXTREME Corruption…

The Biden Administration is sending another $1 Billion of “Aide” to corrupt Ukraine amid reports (later censored by the Biden regime) that only 30% of the funds reach the front lines!  Where is all the rest of the American taxpayer money?

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  1. Only one more $Billion ? OPINION : Is that “pocket money” for Zelensky ? Only a couple of $$Billion would have been enough to finish the Wall. But, “NO”, says the “Biden Regime.” It is more important to protect Ukraine’s border. Speaking of borders, why don’t they blow up the “cartel tunnels” = starting one inch inside the American Southern Border ? Could it be that “they” really want the human trafficking / drug trafficking / terrorist infiltration to continue ? …. just asking….

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