Biden to Enter Presidential Race for 2020 Election

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, says he will enter the Presidential campaign in order to unify the Democrat party and “fix” the country after Trump’s presidency.

JOE BIDEN: Biden is expected to announce his entry into the race with a video on Thursday.

Biden is entering a race with 19 other candidates already running. Biden’s top competition is Bernie Sanders in the race but Biden is still the Democrat Party’s Primary candidate and not Sanders.

JOE BIDEN: Biden is very well known to get along with Democrats and Republicans with out having to be fake or apologize, he is also very well respected by so many parties and officials.

Joe Biden was in no rush to start campaigning even after he was accused of touching women inappropriately, but that was brushed off so quickly.

Biden’s campaign have been all over the place and was delayed on when to announce his campaign in the first place so they are off to a rocky start but Biden is a great orator and social person.

CONCLUSION: Joe Biden is ready to start running for President and is even taking his time to announce and actually start his campaign. Biden says he can unify the broken Democrat party and “fix” the country Trump left it as President. Everyone believes Biden can get the job done since both parties are in favor of him.

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