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Biden Plans to Pay Out $1 Billion Dollars to Illegal Aliens Separated at the Border!…

The Biden Administration is reportedly in talks to hand over $450,000 per person to Illegal aliens separated at the border under the Zero tolerance policy of the Trump Administration in 2018.

• This Proposal will be paid by Hardworking Americans’ tax dollars.

• The Biden Administration said that these talks are part of thousands of lawsuits against government agencies over family separation at the border. Radical leftist groups filed lawsuits during Trump’s tenure.

• US Department of Homeland Security and HHS plans to hand out around 1 Million dollars per family affected by Trump’s policies.

• On average, the families that sued have one parent and one child, but the payout could fluctuate on a case-by-case basis.

• Around 940 families have sued the Federal Government, but the Biden Administration claims over 5,500 children were separated from their parents at the border during Trump’s time in office.

• The total potential payout to everyone “affected” is around $1 Billion.

• Many lawsuits claim that the children separated from their families could potentially result in long-lasting mental health issues for the child and the parent.

• Some families can receive upwards of $3.4 Million for their case based on their situation.

• Sen. Tom Cotton said in a statement, “The Biden administration’s promises of citizenship and entitlement programs have already caused the worst border crisis in history—a huge cash reward will make it even worse,”

• Some critics have stated that these illegal aliens are set to receive more money than the families of the 9/11 terror attack victims.


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