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Biden issues New Rules to Trump’s Buy American Waivers!

Biden wants to revamp and repackage Trump Made in America initiative to make it his own as it has proved again and again that it works and brings jobs back to the United States.

• OMB will send a memo to federal agencies and departments seeking a way to reduce waivers and increase “transparency” so that the federal government outsources manufacturing less often.

• The Memo released by The HILL reads: “It requires agencies to examine current Made in America practices and develop plans to improve them. These efforts will work together to promote economic security, national security, and good-paying union jobs here at home,” Celeste Drake, director of the Made in America Office within OMB, said in a release outlining the guidance.

• 100 Agencies will take part in the review starting with 24 critical agencies named under the CFO – Chief Financial Officer Act – some of those agencies include NASA and the GSA.

• The Goal is to increase American manufacturing and also to create more “union” jobs.

• The memo states that the only way an agency or department can violate the order is if they can’t find the materials domestically, the cost can’t be negotiated or violate trade agreements.

• A new website will keep tabs on agencies and the waivers they seek to buy products not made in America.


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