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Biden Drone Strikes Seven Children with Father that Worked with US Military instead of Terrorist!…

Whoever thinks this was an accident is asleep.

A US Drone strike in Kabul Killed a civilian man and his family instead of the Terror suspect who was the intended target.

According to new testimony and footage, the man killed used to work for a U.S. aid group when the Americans occupied the region, and now all eyes are on the Pentagon as concern rise that the Pentagon lied to the public about the strike since the man could also have ties to the military.

As Biden continues to take heat from the disastrous pull out of Afghanistan and the death of multiple American Marines and civilians, he continues to screw up by drone striking the wrong targets.

The target was supposed to be a known Terrorist, but instead, the strike killed Zemari Ahmadi and nine other members of his family, including seven children, as they were killed on August 29th.
According to military sources, Ahmadi had been followed and was suspected to be an ISIS sympathizer. Still, Biden didn’t know that he worked with a Pasadena CA-based charity group called Nutrition and Education Internation. The group specialized in giving local afghans food and fresh drinking water. Ahmadi was a technical engineer by trade but spent most of his day working for a non-profit.
The Pentagon initially said that the Drone strike was a successful mission to prevent another bombing of Kabul airport, which had happened the day before. General Mark Milley said in a statement – ” The procedure was correctly followed, and It was a righteous strike.”

Reports state that the Drone operators for the military had locked into the wrong white Toyota Corolla driven by Ahmadi and ISIS fighters. The drone locked into Ahmadi instead of the terrorists, and when the orders came in, the drone fired on Ahmadi instead of the ISIS terrorists. The Terrorists then successfully were able to shoot rockets into Kabul Airport.
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement – “U.S. Central command continues to assess the results of the airstrike in Kabul on Aug.29th we don’t want to get ahead of that assessment.

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  1. It’s Okay, Psaki can explain this away as easily as everything else…don’t you think. Be careful what you cheat for…you just might get it.

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