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Biden Drafts Anti-Police Executive order that takes Away Policing Powers!…

The White House is busy drafting an Anit-Police executive order that will reform policing as we know it.

• The draft tackling policing in its current form doesn’t call for cuts in funding. 

• The Order seeks to order federal agencies to change policies, including 

  • Banning chokeholds 
  • reforming body cams policy
  • reducing no-knock entries 
  • policing in general

• Biden is visiting New York in the wake of multiple police officer fatalities.

• While Biden is in New York, his drones are back in Washington, putting the finishing touches to his executive Order set to be released early next month.

• According to sources, the E.O will “focus” on police accountability.

• According to sources confirmed by Fox News, the order focuses explicitly on Federal law enforcement across the country.

• The first draft of the order reads – according to FOX NEWS – “It is time that we acknowledge the legacy of systemic racism in our criminal justice system and eliminate the racial disparities that endure to this day. Doing so serves all Americans,” 

• The draft obtained by News agencies, including Golden State Times, state that the E.O will primarily focus on behavioral accountability in policing, including the mental health of officers before and after distress of any kind.

• The Executive Order also directs the DOJ and HHS to publish a report “on best practices and professional standards to provide mental health, wellness, and other support to law enforcement officers.

• The Order also directs the DOJ to “establish the National Law Enforcement Accountability Database to provide a centralized repository of official records documenting instances of law enforcement officer misconduct.”


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