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Biden Buys Chinese Tech from Company that was Banned for Spying on Americans!…

The US Government is buying technology from a Chinese company banned in the US over surveillance fears.

• Three Government agencies, including the US Military, bought video equipment from a Chinese company called LOREX, owned by a company that is banned in the United States accused of being a threat to national security.

• Dahua Technology was added to the federal economic trade restrictions list in 2019 amid fears that the CCP will use the company to spy on the American Government.

• Dahua Technology was one of several Chinese companies banned from selling technology to the United States government under a 2019 defense spending law.

• Another Federal agency that bought LOREX was that the DEA bought thousands of dollars worth of surveillance equipment and hard drives for that equipment.

• A DEA spokesperson told reporters that the General Services Administration made the purchases but did not confirm whether Lorex products had been pulled from the GSA’s government shopping portal.

• GSA said in a statement: “GSA has multiple means to vet vendors and products sold on GSA Advantage in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR),” They went on to say, “Moreover, contractors must comply with the clauses and provisions found in the FAR requiring them to state whether they sell covered technology. Products confirmed to be non-compliant are removed from GSA Advantage.”

• Other Departments that bought CCP linked Tech are the Department of the Army and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service of the Department of Defense.

• Democrat spokesperson for the House Armed Services Committee calls on the Department of Defense to take “appropriate action.”


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  1. We the people, Americans & the world, are watching….. We will NOT shut up. Truth will [ WILL ] rise up from the muddy pool of lies.

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