Barr Says Spying in Trump’s 2016 Campaign Did Happen

On Wednesday, the Attorney General said he believes “spying did occur” during Trump’s 2016 campaign before The Senate panel.


AG Barr said his obligation is to ensure the government did not abuse surveillance powers and he had already set up a team to investigate what happened in 2016.

During his testimony, he stated, “I think spying did occur,” but then second guessed what he had seen, if what he saw was really spying.

The Attorney General expressed, “Congress is usually very concerned about intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane.”

AG Barr clarified he will not redact names from the Mueller report. He said “No, I’m talking about people in private life, not public office holders.”

CONCLUSION: The AG claimed he saw spys spying on Trump’s campaign in 2016. Barr officially stated he is investigating FBI and DOJ.

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