Barr Defends Trump’s Actions against Rabid Democrats in Senate

At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Dianne Feinstein questioned AG Barr if Trump has obstructed justice but AG Barr defended him claiming his actions were in fact, legal.

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: Feinstein stated to AG Barr, “You still have a situation where a president essentially tries to change the lawyer’s account in order to prevent further criticism of himself.”

AG BARR: Barr answered, “Well that’s not a crime.”

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: “So you can, in this situation, instruct someone to lie?”

AG BARR: The Attorney General stated unless Trump was “impairing the evidence in a particular proceeding,” then yes it would be illegal but since he didn’t, it’s not.

DON MCGAHN: Mcgahn had taken note of Trump’s requests to remove the special counsel to memorialize that the president was not explicitly asking for Mueller to be “fired.”

AG BARR: “There is a distinction between saying to someone ‘go fire him, go fire Mueller,’ and saying ‘have him removed based on conflict,” the Attorney General stated.

Watch Barr Full Testimony to Senate Here: 

CONCLUSION: Mueller detailed 10 episodes in his full report that investigators reviewed for potential obstruction involving the president.

Among the incidents detailed were Trump’s efforts to remove the special counsel, and his efforts to have McGahn deny the president had ordered him to have the special counsel removed.

AG Barr in his testimony stated that McGahn lying got Trump was not illegal due to he did not do it based on conflict of interests.

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