Author of the Patriot Act joins Facebook as General Counsel

On Monday, Facebook announced Jennifer Newstead, as the new General Counsel, supervising its global legal functions.

JENNIFER NEWSTEAD: Newstead served in the DOJ under the Bush Administration and she also wrote the Patriot Act in 2001.

PATRIOT ACT: The Patriot Act is passed legislation that takes away your Fourth Amendment Right  completely and some rights from the First Amendment.

The Act was passed in 2001 and written by Jennifer Newstead in order to protect America from the War on Terror.

The Patriot Act allows the government to wire tap, collect data, record number, voices, and conversations to ensure no drug/human trafficking, and terrorism mostly.

The Patriot Act also launched a subpoena in order for the government to collect specific data without the authorization of a court or judge, nobody.

FACEBOOK: The fact that Facebook has been the only media to be blasted by privacy concerns, they picked a bad egg to work for them because she wrote the Patriot Act and basically released our only privacy to the government.


Jennifer Newstead to Join Facebook as General Counsel and John Pinette Becomes Vice President of Global Communications

CONCLUSION: Facebook’s privacy controversy will probably get worse now that the Patriot Act writer, Jennifer Newstead, is General Counsel of Facebook.

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