Attorney General William Barr just DECIMATED The Democrats

While delivering remarks at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyer’s Convention, Attorney General William Barr criticizes what he calls the Left’s congressional oversight of the Executive Branch.

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  1. Mr. Barr you are spot on , can’t wait to hear your report along with mr. Durham. Thank you god bless the usa when you get us back on the right side of law.

  2. Twice our AG and a brilliant legal mind. He will get to the bottom of all the traitorous misdeeds of the Left. Let the indictments begin.

  3. I love this man. THANK YOU Sir for helping us Regular people understand how things are sopose to be in our Government. I thought I was loosing my mind with what i was seeing . I’m not as stupid as i thought i must have become. God bless you. May HIS SON cover and protect you with HIS SHEAD BLOOD FOR PROTECTION AS DAYS OF OLD. WE PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME JESUS.

  4. The evil n demoncrats are so very obviously against any n all things Trump n it’s been going on for way way too long. We all know that the truth makes us free. But for the evil one’s the truth will certainly in prison them.. God bless bill Barr b John Durham for bringing us Truth that Democrats are so very much hate n are very much afraid of . Let’s continue to pray for truth n for the return for righteous to the country.

  5. A whole lot of talk while the Democraps do as they please. We are sick of talk! Show us some action!!

  6. justification for my accusation of treason against both houses of Congress. The results of this has silenced the voice of American citizens and voided the Constitution. This is TREASON.

  7. AG William Barr certainly understands what the problem is…. NOW, what can / will be done to restore the Rule of Law & the normal functions of the 3 branches of Government ?

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