Attorney General Jeff Sessions Sends FINAL Warning to Sanctuary Cities

The Justice department has sent out a “Last Chance” warning to Several Democrat Controlled Cities…..

SANCTUARY CITIES: The Justice Department sent out a Last Chance warning to Several U.S cities to comply with Federal Immigration laws, the latest step in a battle over so Called ” Sanctuary Cities.”  The Justice Department has threatened to cut off federal funding to law enforcement, in cities that do not comply with the Department of Homeland Securities efforts to Identify and deport undocumented Immigrants.

THE CITIES: Cited by the Justice Department were: New York, Chicago, surrounding Cook County Illinois, New Orleans and Philadelphia.

Those cities were given a deadline of Oct 27 to Provide the Justice Department with documentation proving their existing laws and law enforcement practices are in line with Federal Immigration policy.

Two other jurisdictions, the state of Connecticut and Milwaukee County, Wisconsin heeded justice department warnings and reversed policies mean to shield undocumented immigrants from possible deportation.

As an update The Justice Department said subsequent Investigations found that Miami-Dade County Florida and Clark County Nevada Including Las Vegas were in Accordance with Federal Immigration Law, although previously they had been listed otherwise.

DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CITIES:  Several US cities controlled by the democrats have passed local laws or enacted procedures that prohibit law enforcement from notifying Homeland Security when an undocumented Immigrant is Identified or Arrested.

proponents of these Cities argue that enlisting street level police to enforce national imm immigration policy makes it harder for them to investigate and stop crimes, because undocumented aliens wont cooperate if they THINK they will be deported.

A federal las know as U.S Code 1373 requires local police to detain anyone suspected of being in the country Illegally for several days until  investigators from Immigration and Custom Enforcement can intervene, even if the crime they are accused of is minor, or no charges are filed.

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION: Has said enforcing immigration law is vital to national security and crime reduction.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement: “Jurisdictions that Adopt so-called “Sanctuary Policies” also adopt the view that the protection of criminal aliens is more important that the protections of law abiding citizens and of the rule of law.”



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