At the Direction of President Trump 2 More Terrorists TERMINATED in Yemen

President Trump has confirmed that 2 al-Qa’ida Terrorists in Yemen have been killed by US forces.

Here is the Full statement:

At the direction of President Donald J. Trump, the United States conducted a counterterrorism operation in Yemen that successfully eliminated Qasim al-Rimi, a founder and the leader of al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and a deputy to al-Qa’ida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Rimi joined al-Qa’ida in the 1990s, working in Afghanistan for Osama bin Laden. Under Rimi, AQAP committed unconscionable violence against civilians in Yemen and sought to conduct and inspire numerous attacks against the United States and our forces. His death further degrades AQAP and the global al-Qa’ida movement, and it brings us closer to eliminating the threats these groups pose to our national security. The United States, our interests, and our allies are safer as a result of his death. We will continue to protect the American people by tracking down and eliminating terrorists who seek to do us harm.

  • Qassim al-Rimi, 41, was killed in strike in Yemen
  • The Terrorist had made multiple threats to attack Americans on American soil
  • In November, CIA got credible Intel of al-Rimi’s location from an informant
  • The US government used surveillance drones to track him, untill ultimatly getting the order from President Trump to take them out

THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY (Check Back for Updates)

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  1. That’s the kind of attack we should continue, enforced and celebrate our victory over the Islamic terrorist!
    Iran should be also punished with this kind of attacks if they keep threatening our countrymen any where in the world

  2. Thank you. Mr. President. For all that you have sacrificed to get this country on track and back in order with God Almighty . We true American Patriots. Absolutely Love you and your family. And congratulations on the acquittal. That you didn’t even need because you were innocent of all of these fake charges.

  3. 🇺🇸Next year At the State of the Union 🇺🇸Nancy and the white coats will sit on there hands for that one too Who are the real traders of our country ❓

  4. Hey y’all. Im 71 & I can say Trump is the Only Potus since JFK who cared a hoot for USA citizens or what we really mean/stand for. I love him, Melania, their kids. The T is only Potus my memory ever has kept campaign promises. He is so putposefull, energetic & service oriented. He soothes the ruffled cock feathers of nations who despise us yet accept our $$$. Cant imagine our condition should any Dem Left “Lib” become Potus. USA wld be extinct.

    1. Keeping people alive from these killers is a way towards peace for the people in these countries & communities. God bless there lives

  5. I wish there was World Peace because everyone is a child of God. I wish God himself will eliminate Satan and there would be only good in people.

  6. This brave patriot president terminated those two leading terrorists after removing two leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary guards ( with many of their followers ) , after sending two leaders of ISIS to their [heavens ] . He’s a great man helping us Iraqis , getting on the way to prosperity.I am NOT able to understand how can any American creat the conspiracy of his impeachment or get involved in it. It’s treason .

  7. Well done President Trump. The vast majority of people seek hope and pray for peace. To bring about the desires of the vast majority there are those who are full of demons who must be taken out of the way to allow the progress such hate filled radicals seek to block. America has been blessed by God with a complete turn around even though it has been the goal of the left to rain down destruction into the lives of we the people. To this end all spewing hatred and seeking to follow the Satanic agenda of kill steal and destroy must pay the price for their actions. God bless America.

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