As DACA deadline Looms lawmakers get nowhere

RINO Republicans like Jeff Dunham of California are trying to force conservatives to vote on DACA before the deadline of June 12…

Leaders on Friday huddled once more in search of an elusive deal to protect Illegal Aliensbut several negotiators suggested the sides are no closer to an agreement following the two-hour session.

RINOS Carlos Curbelo of Florida, Will Hurd of Texas and Dunham have been working overtime to protect Illegal Aliens and put Americans LAST, so far they have acquired 215 signatures just shy of 3 votes needed to bypass party leaders and force a DACA vote.

Dunhamwho had been optimistic on Thursday that a deal was nearing completionappeared far more pessimistic as he emerged from a Friday meeting in the office of Speaker Paul Ryan.

Dunham said he’ll be “Strongly encouraging members on Tuesday to sign” the discharge petition if a deal isn’t finalized before then.  He went on to say- “I originally thought border security be easier, and I think at the end of the day it will be. but now that we are getting down to the fine point of what border security means, it’s going to require further debates.”  If Dunham gets the 218 signatures needed to launch their discharge petition by Tuesdayit could force votes on four separate DACA bills as early as June 25.

Failure to reach a “Dreamer” compromise that can win the support of 218 Republicans by next Tuesday could spur a handful of moderate GOP lawmakers to endorse a procedural gambit — known as a discharge petition — to force a series of votes on competing bills to salvage the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which President Trump has told lawmakers to fix or he will shut it down.

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  1. Re: DACA — Shut it down. It was unlawful to begin with. Re: Mueller Investigation — Shut it down. It was unlawful to begin with. Re: the WALL— Build the Wall, and make it Tall. Do it Quick, and make it Thick. Re: US Census 2020 — Illegal aliens, tourists & terrorists MUST NOT be counted in the Census, thereby changing the allocation of federal election representation. Citizenship questions should be MANDATORY on all future US Census questionnaires.

  2. NO DACA, NO amnesty
    Build the wall now! Americans clearly voted for this

    Congressmen need to begin representing AMERICAN voters…NOT corporations who want cheap labor!!

    American VOTERS first! Businesses SAeCOMD

    Illegals NEVER!

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