AOC Flips On Possibility Of Impeaching Trump

Ocasio-Cortez is jumping on a new band wagon after Trump was exonerated and now claims Democrats will not be able to impeach the President.

AOC: Ocasio-Cortez has now been leaning the same way Nancy Pelosi has set it to saying that impeaching Trump is impossible with the Republican majority Senate.

AOC stated, “I think what’s tough is, impeachment in principle is something that I openly support, But it’s also just the reality of having the votes in the Senate to pursue that. And so that’s something that we have to take into consideration.”

RASHIDA TLAIB: Is circulating a letter around for support of a resolution calling on the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an ally of Tlaib but will most likely not sign that letter to investigate Trump for impeachable offenses once again. All she had to say was “we’re taking a look at it.”

NANCY PELOSI: Pelosi has been very cautious on impeaching Trump because there would need to be a bipartisan support to move forward.

Her main focus is on beating Trump in the 2020 ballot.

DEMOCRATS: Democrats would be able to win a majority vote in impeachment but would need a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate.

20 Republicans in the Senate would have to agree to the impeachment of a GOP president.

CONCLUSION: AOC has changed her mindset on the President after he was found not guilty for any Russian collusion. Although, her allies want to continue to investigate Trump for impeachable offenses. AOC is now agreeing more with Nancy Pelosi who believes impeaching Trump is unrealistic because of the Republican majority Senate.

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