Annual Inflation Rises to Highest Level Not Seen Since 1982…

According to a new report published today, Inflation has surged to 6.8% in a year.

• In the last month alone, Inflation has gone up 0.8%.

• The consumer price index measured Inflation, stating that bottlenecks and higher demand for goods during the holiday season caused Inflation to skyrocket last month.

• Liberal economists believed that Inflation would rise 0.7% to 6.7% for the year, but that didn’t look like a possibility since Inflation skyrocketed in October to 6.2%, the highest in 30 years.

• November’s inflation numbers are the highest since 1982

• Inflation surge is a significant factor in a lot of American households and also a political threat for Biden and his democrat cronies

• Biden tried to distract the American people that the unemployment rate had gone down to 4.2% and that the stimulus package was passed but only benefits people out of work or businesses.

• inflation is what matters to everyday Americans.

• Prices have gone up in many sectors, from Gasoline to shelter, food, and even vehicles.

• Americans are paying .7% more for food, 6% more for Gasoline, and .5% more in housing than they did in October!

• In the food sector, Americans are paying 7% more in groceries and around 6% more at restaurants

• As different nations go into lockdown and the US government continues to push vaccines over the Omicron variant, Inflation will worsen before it gets any better.

• Biden Economist claims that in 22, Inflation will ease, but they are seeing that through a political lens.

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