American Schools have become a hotbed for Illegal Immigrant Dreamers

The Migration Policy Institute’s research is the first time in a year to document how many Dreamers are in America.

DREAMERS: DACA’s Dreamers are usually people who came here as kids with their parents, Dreamers get to go to school in America as long as they are in the DACA program and qualify.

MPI: The Migration Policy Institute’s research states the population of Dreamer has grown from 65,000 a year in 2003 to 98,000 graduating each year now.

More than 27,000 Dreamers will be the age to graduate but not graduated from High School.

DACA: In the Trump Administration, they are trying to revoke DACA but even though all DACA recipients are  considered Dreamers, they are refusing new applications, meaning those who would qualify but haven’t applied cannot gain status because applications are closed.

CONCLUSION: The Migration Policy Institute researched 100,000 Dreamers a year graduate, which is why President Trump is trying to revoke the DACA program but has only closed applications for those who want to apply and qualify.

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