Amazon loses Billions after President Trump Exposes them

It’s never good to receive a morning tweet from the President of the United States exposing your shady business practices…

Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos have been in Trump’s crosshairs in recent days with a series of tweets from scamming the USPS out of Millions of dollars to Amazon having to register as a Lobbyist since its CEO and Founder own The Washington Post.

Since President Trump Started exposing them Amazon has lost over 40 Billion in Valuation

Also, the Pentagon is weighing the option of using Amazon’s Private cloud which would make Amazon and Bezos Billions, as of right now government agencies like the CIA and FBI use Amazon Cloud Servies for their websites and Storage needs.  President Donald Trump wants to make sure it doesn’t happen unless Amazon and Bezos comply first.

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  1. Thank you, President Trump. We needed a patriotic American businessman in the Oval Office, and we got the best. MAGA & KEEP AMERICA GREAT 2020.

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