ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: Trump talks Vaping and E Cigs at White House

President Trump hosted a listening session on Vaping and E-Cigs at the White House, both sides were represented from anti-Smoking and vaping activists to the leadership team at Juul and other Vape and E Cig companies. Both sides got heated, and a discussion ensued. All Sides agree the legal age of Purchasing Vape and E-Cig products should be raised to 21 to combat the Teen abuse epidemic.

*We are the getting names of Companies and their representatives that were present at the meeting, we will update this report soon*

Watch the full meeting at the White House Here:

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  1. Yes, as a free 62 year old disagree . I don’t know where the Government comes off saying that The Constitution States we are free from treading Terrantical Government’s from telling the U.S. citizens that we need to be denied flavored vape juice to protect our children. Where do we draw the line? Stop stripping our rights away. To suck up to the Democrats, WWG1WGA.

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