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Alex Jones Says Trump is Either Ignorant or EVIL for Pushing the Vaccines!…

As Trump doubles down on Vaccines, Alex Jones goes on full attack mode, trying to find out what is wrong with Trump!

• Alex Jones asks the tough question – WHAT IS WRONG WITH TRUMP?!

• Trump announced to the world that he got his booster to the shock of both conservatives and Liberals.

• Biden praised Trump for getting the booster and asked him to work together to booster America.

• Trump is now doubling down on vaccines.

• In an interview with Candace Owens Trump took full responsibility for the vaccine and again said that the vaccines were safe, effective and that the booster is necessary.

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  1. Alex is right ! And I will not waste my time voting for Trump Again .DeSantis Yes. I am tired of the evil democrats and their partners the republicans As long as he worked for America and didn’t blatantly lie to our face I stood with him but to side with the killers themselves who are pushing that evil upon people to kill and depopulate. Especially since it’s these same people who are making the viruses to kill No more.!!! Democrats know they don’t have anyone who can beat him. So con him into tooting his own horn for saving millions Of lives When that’s not what he did. So Hillary is putting herself back up for President And Uma her Muslim is getting out front to get her scandal out of the way. And destroying Trump with getting him to stand with you because of his own arrogance. Heres where that list really comes out. And Trump is as usual not picking the right friends He constantly kept people around him that were his enemies Including his daughter and her husband Both Of which are registered Democrats give thousands to PP And he kept the 45O judges throughout America that didn’t have to go through the judicial committee Which was his right to fire. Of which we have been dealing with because he didn’t
    He kept Fauci Even when he was making faces while Trump spoke to the people and now if you listen to his 2 interviews on the Candace Owens show and hear it come out of his own mouth
    Every American that will not take the dangerous vaccines will feel the ultimate
    👋Betrayal 👋
    Most of his supporters are these people.
    I always knew what he was as a person As his entire life was played out on the boob tube. And he was the greatest President that did work for America
    But remembering that 2 weeks ago 36 republicans voted with the democrats to give the government the right to keep a list of the unvaccinated And now Trump telling Americans that the unvaccinated are the problem and that those vaccinated are not getting covid or dying. When in fact a navy ship with 6000 vaccinated are in lockdown because of a covid outbreak He is blaming everything on the unvaccinated
    Go look his interviews up yourself.
    It’s time to fight for your lives

  2. The truth hurts. Unless there is an abrupt reversal of his stand {interview with Candace Owens}, I must conclude that we are being fed the “good cop, bad cop” routine. I pray that I am wrong….

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