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Afghan Evacuee Arrested at US Base in Germany after Failing Terror Screening!…

An Afghan evacuee has been arrested at a US Base in Germany after failing a security screening.

Speaking via video conference, Pentagon European command chief General Tod Wolters told reporters that he could not give further details as the investigation is ongoing. But the General said that the man is “currently in the appropriate custody of US interagency officials, and Germany has been very cooperative as they are still working his background investigation.”

As of right now, 55 Afghans have been flagged and are going through a second screening, but officials state that they “expect” everyone to be clear, including the person in custody.

In Europe, operations to screen afghan evacuees began in August. US bases have received over 38,000 people scattered throughout Europe, including Ramstein Air Base and Ehine ordnance Barracks in Germany, Naval Airstation Sigonella Italy, and Naval Station Rota in Spain. Since the screening began, 16,000 afghans have been sent to the United States, most going to Texas.

Wolters said that all evacuees go through a biometric and biographical check with the Department of Defense then go through screenings with CBP and FBI to see if they are on Data Bases. After all those checks are clear, they are sent to sleeping quarters until they are scheduled to leave to the United States but must undergo another Biometric and Biographical check before being clear to board any aircraft. The process can take up to 10 days on average, but the process can be slowed down due to slowdowns or hiccups. Wolters said that initially, they were processing around 60 people per hour; now, they can process around 250.

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