A Crowdfunded Wall could be in the Making

Rep Diane Black introduced legislation that could create a Border Wall Trust Fund…

American Patriots could donate any amount of money with the funds specifically designated for whatever it takes to build the wall with Mexico.

The bill states that the transaction would be overseen by the Treasury Department, Black said  “The most important job of the federal government is the safety and security of the American people, and if citizens in our country wish to contribute to this effort, they absolutely should be given the opportunity.” she went on to say “I support President Trump in building the wall. It’s going to take big funds to do that”, adding that she doesn’t believe Congress has done enough in terms of allocating funding for the wall.


Border Wall Trust Fund Act by Kaitlyn on Scribd

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  1. Any and all good ideas are welcome: Build the Wall and make it Tall. Do it Quick and make it Thick.

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