2020 Census Citizenship Question Reaches The Supreme Court

On Tuesday, The U.S. Supreme Court justices will hear arguments about the citizen question and why it should be added to the 2020 Census.

THE 2020 CENSUS: The Census is used all around the federal government in order to determine how many representatives each state receives.

THE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT: The Commerce Department administers the census and will argue that it has the authority to collect data on citizenship and enforces Voting Rights Act, which helps the DOJ.

DEMOCRATS: The Democrats have said that adding the question will stop undocumented immigrants from filling out the survey which would give the United States an inaccurate amount of people.

THE SUPREME COURT: The justices will ultimately have to decide if the Commerce Department’s decision to add the question, announced last year, was done arbitrarily and without proper study of its impact.

If it violates the Enumeration Clause of the Constitution, which states that Congress must conduct real account of the people living in America it will be shut down.

THE 2020 CENSUS: The census does not count every person individually but instead grabs the total population into account.

THE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES: Every one is gearing up for the justices to vote in order to see who is siding with Trump and who is not like Bret Kavanaugh.

Bret Kavanaugh has not released if he will side with the conservatives on this one

CONCLUSION: The Supreme Court Justice will hear arguments on adding a citizenship question to 2020 Census and also to deem if unconstitutional as said from the Democrats.

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